My Favorite Poems


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#5 in the “My Legacy Series” by Dr. Ted Camp

“Through the years there have been special moments when I seem to be inspired from my Bible studies with these special poems. I do not just sit and try to write poems. I do go to them but they come to me. I must write them immediately because in a few moments the thoughts are gone. I have never claimed to be a poet and I know it. I am more amazed than you that I write them. Naturally they all could use a professionally touch to make them fit with timing and better grammar. Most are unedited and untested. Some are used in our writings and newspaper from time to time. It is my desire that as you read them into your heart the Lord will also touch your heart as He did mine. I am open to your suggestions and ideas to better improve them as I am just a country boy doing the best I can for the Lord. I often state, “Be who you is cuz if you ain’t who you is then you is who you ain’t.” I also often say, “What you see is what you get!” I do my best with what I have. As I wrote my Onesiphorus, “Did I do my all when no one knew and no one saw.” I try to do my all for the Lord. Thank you for sharing these poems with me.” – Ted Camp