My Laugh Lines


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#3 in the “My Legacy Series” by Dr. Ted Camp

“After many years of ministering I developed “My Legacy Series” with life-time collections of my writings, articles, and thoughts. This Legacy Series presents a life-time of my varied writings and memoirs. What teaches me – I try to teach others. We hope this special Legacy Series of “Laugh Lines” will be a refreshing blessing to you, your family, and your ministry. Laugh Lines is a collection of humor from my TC weekly articles in the “Sword of the Lord” and our local newspaper, “The Dade County Sentinel.” Many of these were written as I heard them from preachers and others. Through the years, I compiled and kept what I thought were the best ones that others would enjoy. I realized that there is a difference between a joke and good humor. Humor relates to common people who have experienced what is written. Then they share it with others and both express how they have experienced the event. I usually modify them to be short and simple. I often say, “If I lose the kid in me, I would become old.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 says, “There is a time to laugh.” Everyone needs a time to laugh, chuckle or even smile. It is my desire that
this book will give you a few moments of humor that you can share with others. Everyone needs times of refreshing to offset stress and negative moments. This booklet is written to give you some positive moments of refreshment and laughter so you can better face this world. Some of the stories will be funny, humorous, and will make you smile. I have added some helpful words of wisdom. Also I added some of my humorous TC Weekly Articles. If you have some refreshing moments, then the booklet has been worthwhile.” – Ted Camp